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Done with LJ. Keeps deleting my very long posts. That I type on a shitty Blackberry. So f it, bye LJ.

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It started snowing yesterday :) remember, this is rare for Seattle...every now and then they get snow, but today was gnarly. Roads closed, schools closed, people sliding into shit, buses running off freeways, semis jack-knifing. I drove to work in the afternoon and it was scurrry! I survived my first driving in the snow alone experience though! Yay!

It looks beautiful though. Sean and I took Sage outside to play in the 3-4 inches we have here and we had a blast. Twas very fun.

I made chicken and stuffing in the crockpot and then egg salad for tomorrow :) the ice is gonna be so bad everything is already closed so we're gonna sleep in and make cinnamon rolls and just lounge til it melts :) Poor Sean still has work in a couple of hours though...hope it's not too bad.

Time to go snuggles my Sage!

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Vicodin sucks. I was hoping it would knock me out. Nope. I feel swimmy but yeah...I can't wait to get a Brian hug on Monday.
Totaled my 2007 Sonata yesterday. Not my fault. In lots of pain. Sage not with me in the car. Stressing more now. Ugh x 100.
I feel crazy alone in this move...so I talk to LJ. I am so sensitive right now. Fuck. Can't sleep. Fuuuck. Maybe this idea sucks afterall. Wish Dad could help.
Applying everywhere I can right now...really kinda nervous...just about the job situation...mostly. I'm changing...things are changing.
I just wanna abandon all my plans today. I hope it's lack of sleep and sickness talking and not failure. I have no job in WA and leave in 1 month. Yay...
WOOOO! Task 1 done...tons of clothes going to Goodwill. Lots more closet space AND found clothes I've missed lol
I can't believe next month I'm going to live clear across the US. How exciting.